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Thread: Vlads Work Shop

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    ive changed it DA so if you could all stop posting thanks, and that psot was made when i was short as hell on credits having just replaced my entire equipment set at 50, and i wont charge for common materials but stuff that takes me hours to aquire or that i have to fight with others for im gonig to charge something simply due to the effort that went into aquiring it.


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    Ha! Just expected more from someone who is ment to be leading is all. And nice to know you wanted people to fund your shortfall of credits.

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    Simple whe do NOT charge Guild members if they bring there own mats!!

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    I hope the idea will be that we all swap everything for free. I think it's important though that this isn't just crafters that are expected to give their work to guild mates for free. Obviously some people won't be that interested in levelling a crafting profession at all. So I'd hope that at some point when they find a purple awesome piece of armour that Vladic's or another crafter could use that he/she would be given it for free rather than it be sold on the GTN. Likewise a nice stream of med kits and stims from our Biochems for raiding would be nice/expected. i don't think we should just make crafters work for free, everyone can contribute something IMHO.
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    Leading doesnt imply ill be giving free stuff at all, yes ill help where i can, i have no issue with that, as the edited first post says if its your own mats its free, if its common mats its free, if its something thats exceptionally rare it varies, ill point out i never did free stuff in WoW (unless it was your own mats) like the Chaos orbs, i did those at 50% price saving people fortunes but not making myself bankrupt in the process, hopefully this will resolve the issue

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