This is just some helpful hints and rules that we as a Guild have please read.
More will be added as time comes.

If you have any questions or statements please dont hesitate to contact me or a Officer.

First off....

There has been some post in the crafting areas which has people asking for payment for items to be made. This is so not what being in dMw is like we are here as a guild to work together to make this game, fun, welcomeing and helpful.

This is also a 2 way street if the thing you really want is free and you go and ask for it and you are charging they may turn around and charge you.

I understand that mats cost so being asked for Mats thats cool, but equaliy if you are happy to give out the item for no mats we thank you.

If you want to make money there is the AH where you can sell you top notch kit.

I hope that this clears this up and you understand the reasoning for it.