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    Lightbulb Tip: Defeat The Avatar of Sel-Makor

    This is a tip, without spoilers for defeating a very tricky NCP. This might be of use to other players as they reach Lv 46-48 and meet this character. Sel-Makor is a solo NCP found on the planet Voss. As part of a long quest chain you will need to defeat him. The problem with this NCP is that he casts two horrible spells which can easily wipe out a players health bar and end the fight. Also which companion you use won't help directly as the spells cast can afflict both you and your companion at the same time. I was failing completely to beat this boss until I discovered that the encounter was based on line of sight between you and the Boss. When I used cover (not Sniper cover) I was able to take down Sel-Makor (Lv 48 Elite) using only my basic attack and a DOT poison dart. Here's the trick

    1. Choose a companion other than a tanking one and make sure you turn off any ability that stuns or interrupts the enemy, also don't allow a companion to use any taunt abilities. Only leave companion abilities active that either heal or do straight damage.

    2. Open the fight with as much damage as you can. It's important that you keep the Boss's aggro on you at all times.

    3. Sel-Makor will try to cast 'Affliction' on you. Until he successfully does this he will not try any other spell including his two big damage spells. All you need to do is break line of sight with him by running behind one of the two pillars nearby. This will cancel his 'Affliction' spell. Attack him until he tries to recast 'Affliction' and again run behind a pillar. This way you can kill him without taking any damage at all. As a ranged player it was easy for me to keep circling behind the pillars and breaking Line of Sight. If you are a melee player then you need to stand close to one pillar and duck behind it as he casts 'Affliction'.

    4. He may try to cast a lighting AOE spell but you'll see a mark on the floor as he begins to cast and can easily run out of the way.

    5. However if you interrupt his casting of 'Affliction' he will try to cast something else including his big damage spells and you're in trouble. So DO NOT use interrupts on anything he does and don't let you companion use interrupts either (turn them off in you companions cast bar)

    As long as you can prevent him casting 'Affliction' by breaking his line of sight the fight is simple and you should finish with 100% health. Otherwise you'll be very lucky to survive the encounter at all.
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    Cheers for this was stuck on him for a few trys. Did a google and ended up here

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