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    Post Apple and Samsung drop an 'impressive' number of patent claims against each other

    Patents must be a huge headache! but maybe they just got bored with this one ims_against_each_other.html

    They just need to settle the remaining patent infringement claims with handheld mirror companies and we might be getting somewhere!
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    It's Apple bashing time again. For years the big players stayed well away from patent claims against each other, even if they felt they had grounds to sue. It was like a nuclear deterrent, no one was stupid enough to actually use it. There was a spate of patent trolls that bought very dodgy patents and then tried to extort money from big companies with big pockets but it didn't last and the legal loopholes are now mainly closed. Also now and again a company that had no idea about the information technology market would stumble in and show how utterly clueless they were about anything. BT's insane claim a few years ago that it owned the hyper-link and therefore much of the Internet springs to mind.

    But then Apple, who until the recently had been something of a bit player arrived with iPods-phones-pads. To their credit they built some outstanding kit and then did some outstanding marketing and became a huge player it the tech market. But then other companies went after them and innovated new ideas and new products and Apple suddenly didn't make the greatest kit any more. Sadly rather than innovate back Apple panicked and tried to stop their competition from competing. It's a dumb idea and shows how Apple can create a few outstanding products but have no idea how to keep those products ahead of the competition. The iPhone is now just one decent smart phone amongst many and the iPad is becoming just one decent tablet amongst many. Apple may be first with new ideas but that's not enough. Once you've had your idea you need to keep refining it and improving it to stay ahead of the competition. Apple obviously do release updates to their hardware, but usually it's too little too late and too expensive at that. So all they can now do is use their huge cash reserves to try to sue everyone into submission. And once one big company starts others will jump on board i.e. Oracle, Samsung, Microsoft

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    I wonder when the old companies who actually invented all the tech are going to start suing the current companies.

    And to be fair, it's not like Apple or Samsung actually invented anything. They just re-released existing tech with a new skin and a lot of marketing and media hype.
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    Boring. Who invented what doesn't matter. If it was an identical rip-off then that's one thing, but a product that looks similar is nothing new. I don't think anyone with half has gone into a shop and bought a Samsung phone when they thought they were getting an iPhone. Sure many will have gone for Samsung because they're cheaper, but look similar, but everyone knows they're different.

    Using iPhones seems very backwards these days having used a larger screen for so long. I don't think that if the next iPhone has a bigger screen Samsung will say they're trying to copy them, it's just the direction the market is heading.

    Free flow of ideas is good for the customer. If one device has one innovation and another has a different one and there's no overlap you have to buy a phone that is missing something rather than a product that has everything you want. If you invent something you've every right to patent it, but only the implementation that's the bit that costs money, not the idea.

    If you make a touchscreen phone, I can make a touchscreen phone as long as I don't use your blueprints to make it. If you make something that switches off the screen when it's near your ear I can do the same. Those are ideas, as long as something isn't directly copied I don't see why the patents are even involved. Most of the things fought over are so simple that they're on the verge of trivial. If someone can recreate the function of something you've made without copying the original then they have every right to compete. Don't even get me started on software patents.

    If you keep your feature secret till launch then you'll (hopefully) have several months before your competitor can make a product with the same feature, during which time (if it's a good feature) customers will buy your product. Apple is suffering from having a premium product. Other companies can make cheaper products, or more models for different consumer needs and tailor to the customer. Apple can't, it can only have one of each type of product (Note: iPod shuffle, touch and classic are all very different) without diluting its brand, and it can't lower its price to compete it would make it seem like any other product. It's only option is to try and hobble the competition, and that can only work for so long...

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