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    Live Event! "Grand Acquisition Race"


    Updates sooon... B-)

    #SWTOR SIS Intel Report: Rumors indicate Czerka research vessel "Theoretika" has been located by deep-space salvage team. Investigating.

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    The Grand Acquisitions Race is on! With this kind of World Event, it is important for us to share information as it comes in. To assist in this, we’re creating a work in progress guide that will document our progression through the event. A detailed recounting of the new quest line along with screenshots is contained after the jump. Video and further information is coming soon but for now, hit the jump to find out more.
    Note: This guide is a work in progress and should be considered incomplete until otherwise stated. We will update this throughout the night so be sure to check back often for more. If you see something we missed, feel free to chime in and add your thoughts in the comments section. If we use something you mention, we'll give you credit in the post.


    When you log into your character, you will want to make your way to your respective faction fleet. After making your way there, head over to one of the hallways near the elevators. You will notice the same holoprojector terminal used for the Rakghoul Plague Outbreak event. Go ahead and click on it. Following the video, you will gain a quest that will tell you to make your way to Nar Shaddaa’s Lower Promenade. Head to your ship and once there, use the taxi.
    When you arrive at the Lower Promenade, click the Chevin Conglomerate Message Center to activate the next part of the quest line. After hearing him babble for a bit, the next tier will take you on an item hunt for the things listed below.
    We're working on the locations of where to find them.

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    this looks great

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    A Mysterious Contact/Questionable Motives

    A secondary quest to the race is A Mysterious Contact that will have you locate a holoterminal in your respective faction’s capital planet cantina.

    After hearing the mysterious imperial, you should now have a new quest line called Questionable Motives. This series of quests involve you planting listening devices and eventually proceeding into Grathan’s Estate (Imperial), Unknown (Republic).

    Once done with that task, head back to the entrance of Dromund Kaas. There, you will will find a holonet link which you can use to advance the quest line.

    To continue this quest line from this point on, you will have to head back to Nar Shaddaa to meet your contact Fallaxen...I mean, kill him.

    After defeating Fallaxen, turn in the quest and speak to your respective contact.

    Now that you have successfully made your way to the final part of this tier of quests. Head over to the casino area for the next part. For this, you’ll need to turn on the vent system and proceed to the exhaust vent that will propel you to your objective.

    With the hard part of standing in the right place out of the way, click on the objective in front of you.

    Upon completing, you will receive 40 tokens as well as a modicum of credits.
    Smuggler Crate

    Throughout Nar Shaddaa’s districts, you can find smuggler crates that yield bonus tokens and also sometimes quest objectives, ie Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus.

    On your run back, it may be a good idea to pick up a couple. However, these Smuggler Crates spawn on random intervals and do not have set spawns so keep that in mind. Some advice: Think Easter egg hunt, look behind crates, gutters, and large equipment. BioWare stuffed a ton around random objects that obscure the vision of typical player paths.
    Preserved Collicoid Queen Egg

    Found near the Revanite camp, a player using the crate will spawn an event which will garner the Collicoid Queen Egg. We are unsure of the Republic cords at this moment but for now here's the image with the cords for the Imperial one.

    • Datapad at 990,62 in the DK spaceport reads: “A shipping manifest detailing the delivery of an exotic egg. The last entry in the log states that the cargo was lost in transit to a suspected Revanite camp”.
    • Find the ‘half-eaten crate’ southwest of the Revanite camp at (-975,14)
    • Defeat the waves of K’lor’Slugs
    • Kill the K’lor’slug Devourer after the wave event, and loot the egg from its corpse.
    Collected Writings of Tiethiagg

    • Head to the main building of Lord Grathan’s Estate.
    • Take the elevator down to the second level, and head to the ‘circular room’ at (-558,-93)
    Shard of Harterra

    • Click the Smuggler’s Crate in the Dromund Kaas expansion district located at (-954,7)
    • Defeat the waves of Mercenary Looters. You have use of a player operated turret. Loot the Shard of Harterra from the smuggler’s crate.
    Note: This event yields five tokens of enrichment.
    Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl

    For this next part, you’ll need to make your way to the Duros sector where you will happen upon a secured container. Click on it for now to get the quest but you’ll need three parts of the code to unlock it.

    Once you have the quest, make your way to the markers below to get the pieces of the code you need. Be warned, when clicking on the terminals, mobs will spawn and you will not be able to get the code until they are all defeated.

    Rakata Eating Utensils

    This one is pretty easy to get, all you have to do is follow the points of interests once in the Network Security District.

    • Head to the ‘Upper Industrial Sector’
    • Head East to the ‘Republic Research Division’ (Note: this is a contested area on a pvp server)
    • Take the ‘Systech West Elevator’ in the Southeast area of the map (-1683,-1454) to the ‘Network Security District’.
    • Find the 'Disturbed Crate' at (1688,-1572)
    • Watch the cutscene, and then your quest will update with ’Follow the Bounty Hunter’.
    • Follow the Bounty Hunter until you get to fight him, then take his utensils
    A New Lead

    Not able to be done yet, tells players to come back later. Likely for a further stage of the event or quest line. Will update when more info becomes available.

    Another Lead

    Similar to A New Lead, this one is not able to be completed yet. Will have to update later once it becomes available.
    Vendor Items

    The current list of items available from the Shady 'Chevin Conglomerate' Dealer along with the amount of currency required. All items require Token of Enrichments to purchase. Players can gain Token of Enrichment from World Event quests.
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    Mr. Gonzalez elaborates:

    Quote Originally Posted by Joveth Gonzalez | Online Community Manager
    Hi folks,
    We wanted to inform you all that there is currently an issue with the missions A Lead, A New Lead, and Another Lead. The way the Chevin Event works is that players can find the first six items of the mission The Grand Acquisitions Race whenever at their leisure. The next three items will unlock on a daily basis for everyone, regardless of what step players are on in the main event quest. (item #7 unlocks today, item #8 tomorrow, and item #9 unlocks on Friday).
    Players are currently running into an issue that when they complete the mission, A Lead (item #7), the UI marks Another Lead (item #9) as complete with no item given to the player.
    DO NOT WORRY. These three missions are merely hints. You DO NOT need this mission to appear in your Mission Log in order to activate it. It will unlock on a daily basis as I outlined earlier.
    To be clear, you can STILL play these missions even if they are marked as complete. You just have to wait for their specific daily unlock.
    For your convenience, I have posted the text for each mission below:

    • A Lead (Item #7 – Akar Kesh Meditation mask): A Sniffer droid is available to aid you in your search for the Akar Kesh Meditation mask, but is still undergoing programming. [unlocks today]
    • A New Lead (Item #8 – Black-and-Orange Sphere): Sapaaga the Hutt is refusing to speak to anyone at this time. Check back with the Hutt observation droid at the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa later, when the Hutt’s string of losses may have made him more inclined to negotiate. [unlocks tomorrow]
    • Another Lead (Item #9 – Plasma-Sealed Jar): A Republic Slicing Droid is tapping into the Transportation Network Terminal in Shadowtown in Nar Shaddaa to locate information leading the Plasma-Sealed Jar. [unlocks Friday]

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    It ends soooon!

    The Chevin Conglomerate has decreed that you will have until next Tuesday (August 21st) at 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) to finish up the Grand Acquisitions Race. They've also decreed that the Shady Dealer will remain for an additional week after the race ends, citing "feedback" as the primary reason.

    Good luck!
    also another complete guide from Dulfy:

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    I have finished it.

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    Done it on the Bounty hunter, taking the inquisitor now. The part with the crates are annoying, if you ask me.

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    Done it on my IA, getting the pet and a bowcaster.

    The crates are an irritant at worst. If you just do the crates while doing other things you'll find you have done them.

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