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    Mists & cooking..

    Ok you are prepared, as of Wednesday, you`ll have a nice shiny set of talents, and glyphs.. yes you will !

    However, when mists is launched, you`ll have to level up cooking, first aid, fishing etc ,etc.. With that in mind, i`ve pieced together some various bits of information from beta testing.

    This will help those of us in the guild, who feel the need, the need to feed!.. to cook to give us the extra edge in encounters

    You will need several slots of free bag space & bank space for this...

    Cooking & Tillers(rep people)

    As you go about your levelling shortly after Mists of Pandaria launches, be sure to collect the following foodstuffs:

    20 Raw Tiger Steak (Any tiger-type mob in Jade Forest or Krasarang Wilds)
    15 Raw Turtle meat (Any turtle-type mob in Jade Forest or Valley of the Four Winds)
    35 Wildfowl Breast (Valley of the Four Winds; The marshes just north of Halfhill are filled with cranes with a 100% dropchance of this type of meat)

    15 Reef Octopus (Jade Forest - Coastal Pools)
    20 Giant Mantis Shrimp (Jade Forest - Coastal Pools)
    35 Jade Lungfish (Jade Forest - Inland Pools and rivers)
    15 Emperor Salmon (Valley of the Four Winds (the river south of Halfhill)
    30 Krasarang Paddlefish (Valley of the Four Winds; North of Halfhill, the marshes where you are hunting cranes)

    With all this fish and meat in your bags, continue questing until you get to Halfhill. Once there, head to the Farmer's Market (hard to miss, really) and start doing the introductory cooking quests. This will yield one Ironpaw Tokens used for buying cooking materials and cooking-related items. You should have another token from the breadcrumb quest leading here.

    Next to the NPC that gives you your introductory quests, there is another NPC that sells you cooking materials (in stacks of 5 for meat and fish, and stacks of 25 for veggies) in return for one Ironpaw Token.

    With your first two Ironpaw Tokens, buy:
    50 Juicycrunch Carrots (2 Ironpaw Tokens)
    20 Ginseng ( bought from the NPC that give you the introductory quests with silver)

    Now, together with all the fish and meat you bought earlier, you will have enough materials to do all of the cooking specialization quests! This will yield another 12 Ironpaw Tokens. Additionally, you will be able to cook each recipe a further 15 times, leading to 550 skill in all 6 Cooking Schools.

    At 550 skill, you can buy all the 2nd tier recipes for all 6 cooking schools. Now, use some of your Ironpaw tokens to buy the following:
    75 Striped Melon (3 Ironpaw Tokens)
    75 Juicycrunch Carrot (3 Ironpaw Tokens)
    75 Scallions (3 Ironpaw Tokens)

    Optional: to level Way of the Brew to 575
    (note, Way of the Brew doesn't add much in terms of useful cooking recipes, but is required to level if you want to continue with cooking in the long term. You could opt to not spend the following Tokens in order to level your chosen Way faster)
    75 Witchberries (3 Ironpaw Tokens)
    75 Jade Squash (3 Ironpaw Tokens)

    With the above in your bags, you can continue to levelling all the cooking 'Ways' to skill level 576 (by making each recipe 13 times)! As a result, you will be able to buy all of the Banquet recipes (Mists of Pandaria's version of feasts).

    Make sure to keep all of the food you've cooked in your bank. Do not eat it! Once you get to level 90, you will be able to feed all of the Tiller NPC's their favourite food (you get Reputation by being a feeder).
    With it, you unlock quests and upgrades for your personal farm from the Tillers.
    With the items you made from cooking, you should be able to feed all 10 of the NPC's for 3 days, leading to a rather large reputation increase (5400 personal rep).

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    Thanks amber!

    but perhaps we could move this little gem to the Professions section?

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    move away

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    Well, I best start leveling Cooking....

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    Yea me 2 need to start from 0 -.-

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    level fishing, the fish you get from there should give you most your cooking matts.

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    Bumping this thread for all those getting your cook on.

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    Awesome post Amber, was totally clueless about being a 'feeder' for rep. Thanks!

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    Budding chefs may make use of these too (complete with TomTom waypoint macros):

    Recipe: Banana Infused Rum

    It's contained in Barrel of Banana Infused Rum on the ship.

    /way Krasarang Wilds 52.3 88.7 Barrel of Banana Infused Rum

    Tablet of Ren Yun (teaches you how to make Foour Senses Brew)

    It's contained in Tablet of Ren Yun on top of the mountain.

    /way Kun-Lai Summit 44.7 52.4 Tablet of Ren Yun

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    Get your level 85 Alts there also rather than doing nothing if you are not levelling them yet. 14 tokens and a basic 4 square farm plot just for 10 minutes work each initially and then a couple of minutes per day each to harvest and replant.

    I have 8 Alts there now....u do the maths for the tokens and food per day but it is more than worthwhile.......I'll level Puja soon to 600 in all the ways with the minimum of cost/effort and an easy ongoing daily supply......just a bit of fishing or meat needed that the tokens won't quite stretch to....yet.

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