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    There's a monster of a sword called the "Dragon Nikana" in the Dojo that will be ready to research once the normal Nikan is researched in 1 day 13 hours. I have no Oxium left so at the weekend can someone contribute 150 Oxium and if you find a Argon Crystal in the voice one of them too.

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    Consider the 150 Oxium donated. Just remind me!

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    The Dragon Nikana is no longer researchable in the Dojo from hotfix 13.0.3.

    Instead, one can buy the BP from the melee market section and upgrade the normal Nikana with it. Tip: level the Nikana to 30 first.
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    I was playing a T4 Survival last night and with 4 guys we got to 40 mins. One guy left and we got to 45 mins. Then I was being bleeding out constantly so I decided not to revive. Basically one lvl 15 with his Loki Prime was beating up everything in sight, his buddy was sitting in a tree out of range of the enemy with Nekros desecrating over a large area. The Loki solod to 59 minutes and 41 seconds before air ran out. I thought here we go Loki part coming but he just couldn't find a few more LS modules.

    I never saw the Loki become visible at any time, perhaps he was using Natural Talent, he was also not being hit by the Energy Leeches, or was skilled at avoiding them or had a mod on to give him some protection. The thing is if I had not gone to the exit at 45 and stuck with him my Nova could have helped for another 5 - 10 minutes and we'd have gotten to 60 mins. Lesson learned, don't assume everyone else can't go on after you are not. I was being killed but he could have revived me, every MPrime I did would have helped him kill more and sustain the game longer. My screwup.

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    6 forma donated to reactors just now.

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    Awesome. Nice one.

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    Archwing in Warframe:

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    Are there any new players recently need a Clan invite?
    Cheers, Bert

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