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    Aye, unreal would be a great game to play
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    UT, cheap easy to play and everyone's PC can run it.
    If it moves shoot it, if it doesn't move shoot it until it moves and then shoot it some more. What else do you need for a LAN game?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherTobious View Post
    ONE more day guys get your ideas in
    FIFA please definitely FIFA

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    Some Bad Company 2 would be cool.

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    how about TF2?

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    I won't be participating, but won't stop me suggesting some ideas!

    I heard about Payday 2 coming out, while I haven't properly researched about the multiplayer in it, but it would be a great LAN game if competitive teams were employed in its multiplayer when it's released?

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    Thank you for all your ideas. We will get back to you with a poll or ideas in the near future.

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