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    Bamboozling application

    Please link to your armory profile.

    Are you applying for a Raider position, or Social membership?

    Tell us a bit about yourself! Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you? What kind of work do you do?
    My real name is Tim, I was born in Portsmouth, UK, and have also lived in Leeds and Grimsby (both of which are nicer than most people imagine). I now live in Sussex and work as a court reporter for a chain of local newspapers. Contact me for world-weary anecdotes about the state of the modern judicial system.

    Tell us about your personality, and why you enjoy the game.
    I'm a friendly and, I like to think, helpful person. I like my food and drink and music, and I like to see other people enjoy their food and drink and music.
    Frankly, Azeroth is the place I go to in order to get away from work, and some of the highly unpleasant things I find myself hearing and writing about. Also, I love the immersive environment that Blizzard have created, and I think it's great that people from such a wide range of backgrounds can come together and experience it as a group.

    How long have you been playing computer games and what kind?
    I've been playing them since they came on a cassette tape, and the instructions were along the lines of: 'Press Z for left, X for right, Return to fire.'
    I've always had a preference for games where your character (or your army, nation, or whatever) developed and improved and gained abilities as the game went on. I've played a few of the Total War games, and I play a bit of Skyrim when I feel like it.

    There are other guilds on the server, why did you apply to us?
    Oddbal mentioned you, and what I've seen on your site looks good.
    I'm looking for a guild which has mature players and encourages mutually supportive attitudes, but acknowledges that people have real lives to live.

    What other guilds have you been in and why did you decide or were forced to move on?
    I briefly had Bamboozling in somebody's bank guild - just long enough to sign the charter for him.

    Who do you know in Dead Men Raiding? How do you know them?
    Oddbal recommended you. He knows me from Fearless Horde, the guild which my excessive number of Horde toons belong to.

    Have you read our 'what we look for' and 'philosophy' posts? What do you think of them?
    They look good. I'm pleased to note the emphasis on the importance of a good social atmosphere, and the reliance upon common sense, as opposed to having to have a rule for every situation.

    What do you look for in a guild?
    Players who are friendly, mature, and have the desire to enjoy the game and the willingness to help others enjoy it.

    Do you actively play any alts that we could find you in in case we need to contact you?
    This is my only Alliance toon, but my main on Horde side is called Trollope.

    ''Dead Men Raiding'' - What comes to mind when you see that guild name?
    Honestly, the song 'Dead Man Walking' by Stiff Little Fingers. Not their punchiest tune, but it'll do. Having joined your site, I'm aware of dMw, but I'd not come across them before - WoW is about the only computer game I play regularly these days.

    What are your plans for the game? In what way would you like others to know you?
    I shall keep on playing (raid healing appears to be my best role) until I get sick of it, which isn't likely to be any time soon. Ask me again when we're L100. In the meantime, I shall level this Alliance panda. People should know me as someone they can always ask for help - I'm always happy to pitch in if someone needs a hand with something.

    Name one thing you don't like about WoW in its current state.
    The quests in MoP seem to railroad you far more than I would like. You always land on the same bit of the island an the exact same starting quests. I much preferred Cata and WotLK, where you could choose one of two completely different start zones.

    A guildie says something you find offensive, what do you do?
    I'd probably say nothing. Better to let it go than to get into a more-offended-than-thou contest. If they were persistent, or seemed to be offending other people as well, I might talk to an officer about it.

    Cake or Pie?
    Cake. I have an awesome recipe for chocolate brownies, topped with a layer of white chocolate and a layer of dark chocolate.

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    Great app.

    Good luck but I can kinda say welcome now

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    Hey Tim thanks for the app. Whisper a officer when next online for a invite
    Maybe there's something to be said for being different. We are who we are. What more could we ask for?

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    Welcome mate cyu in the guild when i pop up ^^

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    Nice app and welcome!

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    hi and welcome

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