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    Cool LAN XXIV Merchandise

    Ladies and Gents

    We are proud to announce and show off this year LAN Merchandise, yes that right you can own a bit of the LAN!!!!

    Your LAN Admins Ninja_Freak and I, are always trying to think of items we feel you the LAN attending, dMw community needs to make life that little bit easier. For example we brought you cards so you can play games when your house loses power. We brought you Steins so can have 2 pints in one glass, therefore you do not have to get up so much when drinking.

    Well this year we have gone with the situation that I know many of you have found themselves in. You're at a BBQ and you are opening the Pale ale or that bottle of larger and you are looking around for a opener, but at the same time you are talking to someone who has some pics, document, video, that you really need but nowhere to hold them. Well we have the answer here for you .......

    Lan merch.jpg This was the mock up

    Untitled-1.jpg This is what it will looked like as it is engraved.

    That's right it the dMw LAN XXIV 16GB Bottle opener, solid metal and engraved as the picture shows it is a item of Legend.

    It will make you the host or the guest with the mostest, not only opening drinks but sharing sensitive information from work with everyone one you meet

    "Wow I want one, but can I afford it " I hear you scream in you head as the shiny image blazes into your skull.

    Well yes one of these will only cost you.... £10 each

    That includes :

    16GB Metal Engraved Lan Bottle Opener
    Plain white Gift Box
    10 Year Warranty

    So please put your name and how many you want to purchase, we are only doing a limited run so all LAN Attendees will get first refusal and any left I will open up to the rest of the community.

    Name and Qty
    1. BrotherTobious - 1
    2. Tealeaf - 2
    3. Albert -1
    4. Mirianna - 1
    5. Oldbloke -1
    6. Pen - 2
    7. Blunt - 1
    8. Michelanio - 1
    9. Lionheart - 1
    10. Sparko - 1
    11. DrunkenZombie - 1
    12. Tutonic - 1
    13. Gortex - 2
    14. Smilo - 1
    15. no peanuts - 1
    16. Suicidal_monkey - 1
    17. Othbarty - 2
    18. Whitey -1
    19. Ghosty -1
    20. Spiritus - 1
    21. Duvel - 2
    22. Fatbob - 1
    23. Faust - 3
    24. Switchback -1
    25. KrispyKichen -1
    26. Chaospear -1
    27. SneakyTiger - 1
    28. Akharin -1
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    Albert - 1 please

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    Cheers, Bert

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    That really speaks to the redneck in me.. Heck yeah!
    Mirianna - 1

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    OB wants 1 please.

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    me me me.

    I'll start with TWO and if we have any left over may probably have a couple more
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    1 for me please

    People who blow things out of proportion are worse than Hitler.

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    I want one as well please
    Maybe there's something to be said for being different. We are who we are. What more could we ask for?

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    1 for me please. Is it beer proof?

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    1 for me please

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    +1 please.

    Whats the speed of the drive =)

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