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    Very nice - I'll have one please.

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    Lionheart - Probably not but why are you trying to drink using it, it is for opening and sharing data
    DZ - Knew one of you would ask, I will find out and get back to you.

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    2 for me please and great idea chaps.

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    1 for me if possible

    .DickDastardly. sent from a galaxy far... far away

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    I'll have 500 please. I can mark them up 50% and pay for the LAN from the profits. However if that's not appropriate then I'll just have one please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldBloke View Post
    OB wants 1 please.
    so does pnuts

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    lol, fine, gimme 2
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    One for me please.

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    1 please, is the warranty direct with you toby?


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