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    Arrow Days of 10 years ago

    Hey all

    Was looking into an old CS 1.5/6/S clan which I was a member of back in the day, by the name of cbm. A british mostly for fun outfit, and ran across a thread on dMw from when we were trying to drum up interest for a Lan party cbm was running in 2004. cbm and dMw would often play on each others servers so figured I would say hi and see if anyone here still remembers us at all.

    Headdie (formerly headshotted)

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    Certainly do remember cbm and your good self Headdie. Some very fun nights spent with cbm folk and the quality of gaming was superb. Nice to hear from you.


    Cheers, Bert

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    Hi Headdie

    I too remember you and cbm. Oh what fun we had back then and, to be fair, still do here.

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    Aye me too.

    I was ThePENDRAGON back then.

    We still have our regular LAN parties (biannually) and we still have an active CS server and forum (albeit CS:GO) now.

    Hop on the server sometime it'd be great to see you.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    Hey I certainly do remember you guys. Would love to join you all in a CS game or two but I haven't had chance to upgrade my system from 10 years ago so its a little weak to run GO

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