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Thread: Xbox one halo 5

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    Xbox one halo 5

    First of its an amazing game. I love the halo Series and is one of the reason for me to start my online gaming was halo 3. The game is such a look back at whole halo series and it has all the great boys from them all. I know it's only Xbox graphics but it's looks amazing aswell they have done a great job with it, each Spartan looks amazing and there are so many armours to unlock, which means there is a new requisition system where you get new guns, armour and halmets, it's a nice system and I enjoy it. I love the feel of the controller as the good old br shots and to hear the sounds of the burst it makes is just amazing. I am looking forward for the possible PC port of this game. Defiantly recommend people who have consoles to look into it and add me so I can join you on there

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    I haven't played a Halo game seriously since 3 and don't intend to start now, they just went downhill in my opinion, and looking at 5 it looks to continue that trend. I don't want things to unlock I don't want abilities and powerups I want 4 shot BRs and CTF on the Pit.
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    I have halo5 but i havent played it! though i do play blackops 3 now and again

    Anyone feel free to add me : wiserman

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