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    Yeah I understand if they make all those panels available for the pilot to hand off certain elements we could fill four seats..... But in a real scenario, let's say me and 4 DMW friends just loaded my Freelancer Max with rare black flamingos for a trade run across half of know space for a 1000% mark up, when we're good to go do we really all want to sit in the same can twiddling one knob each ? Or do we want a pilot, an avionics guy, a tail gunner and a 2 x fighter escort ?
    I agree, I'm still not convinced that these roles have enough to them to keep anyone other then a RPer amused for long.

    Perhaps it will comes down to risk/reward, a bigger ship with more cargo has more to lose. if I can make twice as mush twiddling the shields on a bigger ship then going solo in a freelancer it might be worth it but probably not something I would make a habit from.

    I don't want an efficient ship, I want a fun/challenging ship
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    Yep the Freelancer is billed a two crew ship. Right now the HUD on the Freelancer really doesn't let a pilot do much other than steer and fire. Adjusting power and shields even with keybinds is no easy job. I would certainly be happy to have another player working those systems. Whether they move between their seat and the tail gun or whether a third player takes that role is debatable. However I do think anymore than three crewmembers is a waste of space and the third and forth seats could be better used for some other feature.

    If for some reason there were four of us on one Freelancer then I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a pilot, shield operator, power operator and tail gunner. At least everyone would have something to do. But as a serious way to fly the ship I really don't think it's CIG's plan. The Connie clearly is the ship for a group of players to enjoy and seems designed to work best with a crew of four plus.

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    We all remember this video. Maybe CIG will eventually place targeting on the rear seats. I doubt it will happen but it would be a fun machanic to play around with.

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    Off topic, but on topic in a random way, i.e. discussing options to the Freelancer/solo flying/every day ship/etc.... has there been any indication of how much cargo space the Avengers cargo variant may hold ? the Avenger is (i think) the ONLY hangar ready ship i've not owned at some point before melting, just so i could have a nosey, but it looks pretty big, is completely soloable, and as a cargo variant maybe is what i'm looking for ? but i can't see any info on how much it may carry..

    Maybe i'll start a new thread on this topic when i have more time tomorrow !

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    Freelancer v Connie, the guy ends up being a dick by taking out targets while refuelling at CryAstro but it's nice to see the Freelancer in action. So much easier to hit in the turret when your target is a Connie.

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    Not sure if this is a future concept or a concept that was discarded but this is designed by Zane, isnt he the guy that is in charge of designing huds? A few people think it's too busy but with the minimal views of the freelancer I think it's great.


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    I pulled a few posts (mostly my own off topic stuff) over to a new thread. I think this thread stays intact and still makes sense

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    Its my understanding that the Freelancer DUR is only hanger ready and not yet flyable, so If I were to upgrade my Cutlass Black to a Freelancer DUR, would I have access to the standard Freelancer until the DUR Variant was flyable, or would I end up with a pretty ship in my hanger and nothing to fly?

    On a slightly different question... would you recommend the Std. Freelancer or the DUR. I personally think that that the bigger unmanned turrets on the DUR combined with the enhanced scanners and long range fuel tanks out weight the loss of additional cargo space and 6 (S2) missiles but I would like you thoughts on the matter.

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    If you upgrade to a DUR you will have the standard Freelancer as a loaner in the PU.

    Whether you should go for the standard or the DUR depends on what you expect to use it for. The DUR has been customised for exploration, whereas the standard is an all-rounder. By contrast the MAX is designed for hauling, and the MIS is a missile platform combat ship.

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    A workmate of mine and sometimes dMw'er, Jarlev, plotted a Star Citizen Freelancer for me the other day on his 3D Plotter:
    It is 95 mm front to back...


    Looks nice on my desk....

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