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    Quote Originally Posted by Lameduck View Post
    Devastating news. Andy was Mr Reliable both in DeadMen racing and in life. He was always on TS each evening for a chat and he never ever gave up in a race. I will repeat what I posted on his retirement.

    July 15.2015
    I'm sad to hear that you can no longer race. We go back some 7-8 years and you were one of the best racers around and after we met at the LAN, I concluded that you were also one of the nicest guys around. How the hell you managed to control your car with just a joystick I'll never know, I know I tried at the LANs using your setup and never got near to your lap times.
    I also never got near your ability to refuel,(mostly cider I recall) and you always raced for the laughs, especially in your wheelchair. I cant picture you without seeing a bloody big grin on your face which was infectious. No doubt you've trained the dog to get you another 'cidre' from the fridge, and if you have, have one on me.
    Keep in touch, remember I know where you live.

    Andy was generous, (he sent me his Logitech Pedals when mine packed in, as he said he didn't need them!) and was a great supporter of Children in Need (Having his locks chopped off), brave, He rode on an adapted motor-bike in a downpour and amused us with his comments on the difficulty in stopping the bike if your legs are u/s. I know he kept his beloved R1 in his garage, long after he could ride, lets hope his spirit has the twist-grip fully open.
    Thanks for your friendship Andy.

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    That's a lovely tribute Bob.
    Some great pics too!

    I'm sure we'll be raising a few glasses in tribute and memory of Andy at the LAN.

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    I too am having trouble finding the right words to say. (and for those that know me, i am never at a loss for words).
    I never got to meet Andy in person, but for the few years i knew him online, Andy was a hell of a guy. Always there for a race,
    And never anything bad to say about anyone. I will surely miss you sir, and thank you for the great company, and friendship.
    I am proud to say that i knew Andy CrazyR1!

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    So sad to read this. I have a lots of great memories of racing with Andy. He was always very friendly and as a racer never gave up.

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    My condolences to his family and friends also.
    Thanks for posting the pictures and text.
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    always looked forward to andy joining us on race day have such great memories of many races together. always there with kind words and happy to help where he could will be missed by many people. condolences to family and friends.

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