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    If I was to.......

    If I was to venture away from the iPhone for the first time in qo years or so, which Android one should I be getting?

    I know nothing about them but the S6 Edge+ or similar doesn't look to shabby.

    Anything else I should be thinking of? This is all a new area to me

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    Nexus 5x, nexus 6x depending on how big a phone. Also the one+two is something I have been looking at but it is a big phone.

    The s6 is pretty but my major issue with it is the software they push on you. Ok you don't have to use it but I think native Android is much better.

    Hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherTobious View Post
    Nexus 5x, nexus 6x depending on how big a phone. Also the one+two is something I have been looking at but it is a big phone.

    The s6 is pretty but my major issue with it is the software they push on you. Ok you don't have to use it but I think native Android is much better.

    Hope that helps
    +1 to the recommendations for the 5X and 6X - it depends on how big you want the phone.

    Another +1 for native android.
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    My better half has an S6 edge. It is a pretty phone, and fast. The edge part has a few tiny tricks that are half useful, but mostly it still feels like a bit of a sales gimmick, and the cases are expensive. In terms of looks this is your iPhone equivalent, though you'll get all the Samsung bloat on top of Android. Some might prefer it I guess, but I miss plain Android when using it.

    I've no experience of the recent nexus 5/6 but the 4 i had was excellent. My current one+one is a great (and relatively cheap) phone and came with CyanogenMod, which is like tuned vanilla android. But, it is massive and that comes at a price - already worn holes through front pockets of 2 pairs of jeans Not a problem for inside jacket pockets perhaps. The one+two is also massive and it and the one+X come with one+'s version of cyanogen called OxygenOS so I'd read up on reviews about that.

    Either way you should expect a few weeks/months of being annoyed that android isn't the same as iOS before you grow to like it! You'll also need to live without the Apple ecosystem of connected apps, which may swing your decision back depending what the rest of your family/friends/business use and how willing they are to change

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    Had a (One Plus) OP1, and now using an OP2.

    They are very good phones, with an affordable price tag. Don't have anything to say against them, and that's saying something.
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    One Plus X is a very nice iPhone 6 (not +) sized phone. Nice everything, dual sim, or sim/ sd config. Nice cases etc.

    The ceramic versions is apparently gorgeous.
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    Thanks guys.

    I didn't realise about the Samsung bloatware stuff and that's a major turn off for me.

    I'll have a look at the Nexus and One+ phones when I'm passing the store later.
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    Back in the days stock Android was very bleah, Google really weren't very good at design. I assume most tech companies who wanted to take on Apple and the iPhone thought it was far too bland and feature poor to compete so they added their own skins and launchers and fancy apps, to make their phones more appealing and 'iPhone like'. Then Matías Duarte came along and created Google Material design (the current Android launcher and design style) and instantly made all the other Android launchers from Sony, Samsung, Motorola etc look terrible. Google released their own set of core apps that were built into the OS, which made most of the phone manufacturers apps pretty pointless.

    Phone makers also have the annoying habit of selling space on your phone to other companies and removing your ability to delete them. Hence the small army of older Samsung phone owners who carry about the Autotrader App, whether they want it or not. I think the phone makers have reigned in their land grab of you phone storage space but most phones still come with plenty of crap on them. Some phone makers did do an 'Android Experience' version of their phone, which was the same phone but with stock Android and none of the crap. I'm not sure if anyone still makes them though?

    So IMHO stock Android is vastly superior to any phone manufacturers offering, get's instant updates and security fixes, comes with the best core apps as stock and looks beautiful. Of course you can add a custom launcher and make it look any way you like. So go for a stock Android phone either the 5x or 6x and you will be sorted.

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    Just for clarification, the 2 current Google Nexus models are the 5X and the 6P. I have the 5X (replaced my Nexus 5). The 6P is the flagship Nexus but the screen it too big for my tastes.

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    Thanks. I was getting a little confused.
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