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Thread: F1 2016 season

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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    ... Bit of a bad time to jack it in.
    Not really. He's got a WC through good fortune (or, more accurately, Lewis' bad) and would be unlikely to do that again next year. He probably doesn't relish having his nose rubbed in it after every 2017 LH race win.

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    He could go to another team and have a more chilled role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutonic View Post
    Gentleman's agreement with Merc, whereby they provided him with the best mechanic team & hampered LH in order for him to win it this year, provided he agree to retire at the end of the season.

    Actually that makes a lot more sense to me than him retiring. I'll put my hand in the air and join Oldie, I did *not* see that one coming.
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    Might start a give jenson a go page

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    Botas is more likely

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