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Thread: Lovable rogue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shorterthan3characters View Post
    One if your existing members Tuna pointed me in this direction.
    Tuna, eh? That's a nice short name

    Quote Originally Posted by shorterthan3characters View Post
    Got an interview today and I'm peeing my pants so totally going to be playing tonight to unwind.... If I can stop shaking!
    Good luck

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    well this thread confused me when i first saw it in new posts, i thought chaos or ghost were saying how loveable i was ...never mind i guess

    welcome to the group man its nice to see us getting a few new people with the release of overwatch. i am sure you will fit in very well here and any questions please ask away.

    see you out there brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldBloke View Post
    That's a nice short name
    ^^ this

    welcome ST3C!

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    Welcome aboard!

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    *Revives old thread, sorry!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mugi View Post
    ShootyFace#2505 btw
    Us Ark players were wondering who joined the other day. Found you finally.
    Give a shout if you want to join the dMw-Arkserver. The admins need to get you on the white list first before you can join though.

    If you want any help after that in the game then let us know on TS.
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    Still no idea who you are.

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