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    Quote Originally Posted by Twyst View Post
    So how does this differ from Elite?
    Well one thing, it's got more colour and less darkness. FPS and 3rd PS modes, base building, ship salvage, similar missions, a story. Just a few things that jump out at me. It isn't as nice a space ship flight sim as Elite for sure. It can be just a grindy but I feel it's clearer where your hours are going in NMS than Elite.
    Cheers, Bert

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    Been a while since the last post in this section but I think today's v2 update is worth a mention.

    Patch notes:

    I installed my Oculus for the first time since my mobo upgrade oh 9 months ago to try it out.

    I have to say, WOW. It has full hand controller support so you open hologlass panels for inventory and missions etc. The movement is point and tele and I didn't check for full 1st person motion yet.

    The world is vibrant as usual but to see it at scale is amazing. Ships, buggies, hover bike etc. all are very detailed and look amazing.

    New features I noticed the bases need a generator now, before they didn't. They have added unique mods and also extended the range of bases you can build quite extensively.

    All in all after an hour play I was pretty excited.

    Worth a dip into again maybe even worth a wipe and restart especially if there is a group interested.

    If you have the game and a VR headset, and can work in 360 mode, it's worth the effort to try it out.



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