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    Exclamation Credit card cloned - possible hotel link.

    Morning everyone,

    I meant to post this yesterday and forgot, but I got a call from my bank's fraud department yesterday morning alerting me to a payment to a US hotel (which I didn't make).

    No harm done, as the payment was blocked and the card cancelled, but it came a day after I used the card to pay for my room at the Oliver Cromwell and I haven't used the card for months before that.

    I'm not saying that the Oliver Cromwell have done anything malicious or have had their security compromised, but I would just make sure you check your card statement ASAP if you used one just in case there is a problem. My bank were quick to spot the problem, some might not be as vigilant.

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    Thanks for the headsup. For info, I've checked the card I used to pay and have found no unusual transactions.
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    Same here, nothing appearing out of place. Will stay alert.

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    Also checked, didn't find anything suspicious.
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    I'm good. Thanks for that.
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