Ladies and Gents,

Taking the reins to the LANs seems, to me, no small task. Having had such a great time at these LANs since joining the community (I've only missed 1 - and in my defence I was 7,000 miles away at the time), I felt that BroTo and Ninja had left some pretty big shoes to fill!I knew this wasn't something I could ever hope to do justice to alone, so I put my Save the NHS Placard down for 5 minutes to think about who would be mad enough to tackle it with me!

Without further adieu, your new LAN Admins are -

GhostMjr and Gortex.

A huge thanks for these 2 for agreeing to join the team. I hope and believe the 3 of us can give you guys and girls the sort of LANs this community deserves. I'll be posting up the first of our machinations towards this pretty soon, so watch this space.

In the mean time once again a big thanks to you Ghosty and Gortex, it'll be great to work with you guys. A huge thank you to BroTo and Ninja for all of the time and effort they have put in for us so far, and my personal thanks to the Council and Community for trusting us with this responsibility - we won't let you down.

Time for me to get back to striking working really hard.
Shoot you all soon!