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    LAN XXXI - Games List

    Book your room at the LAN HERE!

    These are the games being run at the LAN that you will need a copy of IF you wish to participate in the planned events. You don't have to participate in any event if you don't want to! This is all optional.

    There will undoubtedly be all sorts of other gaming going on at the LAN - these games are simply the ones we are running a server / competition for at some point over the weekend. Head to the Itinerary thread to see when!

    The other things we have planned (including the 'Mystery' Gaming) do not require you to bring anything to participate.

    I am posting this thread now to give you all plenty of time to get these games (perhaps in Steam's Easter sale) if you want to join in. I will bump the thread closer to the event as a reminder

    Team Fortress 2
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    (the Steam version is the best - disc-based copies should work at the LAN, but we can't be sure until there and then!)
    Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition (grab the Steam version for this to be sure it will work with our server - its cheap as chips!)

    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    One quick question chaos, why the game of the year edition over the unreal black edition ? On my steam it says more friends have that one over the GOTY ? Just a little question, sorry to be a alien just wondering is all

    Edit: well never mind I guess, originally that was the case but it seems everyone who is going to the Lan had now brought this one aswell so I guess it don't really matter. Why the old one over the new one tho ? Is it just for nostalgia?

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    Yep, mainly for the nostalgia. Perhaps the other one will be used at a LAN soon. We will be looking for ideas for games like this to run servers of. I will be talking a bit more about things like this at the LAN itself
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    Thanks for getting back to me so fast chaos, I was just wondering was all. I am more then happy to play either of them at the LAN's. look forward to the talk aswell chaos it sounds great so far but look forward to seeing the committees ideas and futures plans

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    Dang I love me some old school unreal tournament, time to dig up my old maps I made back in the day for the full nostalgia trip.

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    Bump! Please try to make sure you have the STEAM version of CoD4 if you want to play
    The disc copy can work but is more of a pain in the ass! The steam key can be picked up for less than a tenner online ;)
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