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    Lightbulb Minecraft Event! UHC!

    Hello all DMW members alike!

    Recently a couple of us have been talking about popping into a UHC server and having a game or two!

    You might be asking " BUT ADDEEXXX WHAATTTTSS UHCCCCCC???" Well don't worry my very good friends!



    As in the settings of minecraft are set to Ultra Hardcore.

    Not anything else.

    shame on you.

    Anyways UHC is a bit like Hunger games however you have to create everything from scratch! Once the game starts Players/teams are randomly spawned in a vanilla map (usually there is a world border so that it doesn't take an actual year to finish) and the objective of the minigame is to be the last man standing. Yes it is pvp. Moving on, once players have been spawned and the count down timer has started the game players will have usually about 1-2 hrs (dependant on the server settings) to gather up the best materials to fight (during which time if you meet any other players/teams you will have to fight or run away as its pvp from the start). Now the difference between Hunger Games and UHC is that when in UHC mode you DO NO REGENERATE HEALTH NATURALLY. That's right, that means you have to be careful with every single bit of health you have. No more flying pigs of cliff's. Or diving into lava for fun.

    Here's a little clip of how UHC works:

    So a recap in short:

    • Players start from scratch with nothing.
    • Players must gather all resources as they would in vanilla to beat opposing players/teams
    • Games tend to last 1-2 hours.
    • Last player/team standing wins

    Now that you have the Know how of what UHC is, we can get down to seeing how many people would want to play this.

    So far we have confirmed:
    1. Addx9
    2. Paddyfhs
    3. RogueTaylor
    4. Hollyleaf988
    5. Benzzimo
    6. Ryandig3711
    7. Loony

    As it stands we will most likely be doing all vs all, but if we get new players to UHC and/or over 10 people we will split into 2v2 teams. Now if we get any more than about 15 we may have to set up an event server (which I will need to speak to Gl's about) however it would be great to see how many people are interested in this. We where also do this either on Saturday 18th from 7:30pm, However this date is subject to change.

    Please do reply to the thread if you think that you would be interested!

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    Have a Laugh!

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    even tho this is a PvP event this is a great little game mode and between friends it makes it better with the competitive edge. i cant wait to play another game of this

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    It really is great fun and there are no rules as to how you can be last man alive, i personally build a tower and the centre of the map 200 blocks high and enjoy the rage that follows ( almost always by addx9)
    "The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire."

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    im willing to look at converting the minecraft server to this, mainly in the hope of getting new players. the tekkit thing doesnt seem to work on our box as it should. so as such who, if oldie can manage it, who would be willing to play this on a DMW server?

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