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    And the lesson for the week is .......

    United Airlines just never learn...... I mean never. Since 2009 and Dave Carroll to leggings-gate and now this. Honestly you'd think they never heard of crisis management and customer engagement....


    Sean Spicer.... another classic spicerism out of the blocks. Suggesting that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons - or, best case, failing to articulate that he was trying to suggest chemical weapons were never used on his own people.... Either way though.... really?

    Wow, Pepsi must be counting their blessings this week.
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    Yeah, I did facepalm a bit over both. Not sure which was less comfortable though, being dragged out of your seat and off a plane, or watching Spicer splutter, squirm, and head right into a train wreck at the Whitehouse Press Briefing podium.
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