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    Question Which Combat Ship ?

    So i'm here for advice & tips again

    My trusty Asp X is doing me proud, so much so that i've not flown the Cobra since buying it, so now i'm after a pure dedicated Combat ship, i've never really got into serious combat in Elite, mainly because i've never had a capable ship, i've fought my fair share of pirates obviously but i've never deliberately gone looking for combat missions.

    I have around the 25 mill credit mark, plus whatever my fully loaded Cobra is worth as trade, but i'm making credits quiet easily at the minute in the Asp so if i need considerably more that's not a problem... am i right in thinking i should be aiming for a Python or Fer-de-lance ? or are there any cheaper options worth considering ?


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    Fer-de-lance is always touted as *the* combat ship. Python is a lot less manoeuvrable and, as such, gets hit a lot more often so it needs to be pimped/engineered to a fair degree to counteract that.

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    I'd go for a python it's a good alrounder, good for trading and combat.

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    Cheers guys... i really don't want another multi function ship, Asp is a great all-rounder for my play style, i'll aim for the FDL then maybe...

    Is there any point in holding onto my Cobra ? Like i said i pretty much fly the Asp exclusively, can i refit the Cobra for anything useful/fun or shall i just trade it ?

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    am aiming for a FDL myself, but after losing 6 million last night, its still a pipe dream

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    I'm doing long distance trade runs from Ceos which generally make around 5 million per run, and are actually pretty quick when your Asp can jump 30+ LY, broken up with some dMw missions each time i return... it makes for quiet a varied playstyle whilst i save for a combat ship... i really do need to do that Alien Artifact thing too i guess...

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    Which Combat Ship ?

    I must say the Python was a real win for me. I played the game for ever and avoided it but with its defensive capabilities, 3 large hard points and 250 cargo units it's a solid trading battler. 30LY jump with G5 distance FSD.

    Caveat, save 100mill CR first.

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    Would you consider it a full on combat ship Albert when equipped that way ? i.e. you would happily take it into CZ's and Assassinate type missions as your ship of choice ?

    I must admit as much as i don't want another multi purpose ship, if it can do that and carry 250 cargo maybe i should consider it over the FDL....

    And yes having spent an additional 20 mill cr on my 6 mill Asp i'd figured whichever 50 mill combat ship i buy i'd be needing nearer 150 mill to fully pimp it.... not a problem though, i'm at 30 mill already, i seem to be able to make 5-15 mill a day just playing a varied playstyle for a couple of hours so it won't take too long !

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    May as well keep the cobra. If the worst happens you'll have another ship. Plus it's only worth pennies.

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    I have just got a Cobra Mk4 just need to deck it out

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