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Thread: The Reboot

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    The Reboot

    I saw the server was up online so logged on. My bad, I thought we were launching tomorrow night.

    Wow you've been busy lol.

    Did everyone manage to start on herby island? I got myself there and have started. I did try swimming a few times but just couldn't make it so flew there then started from scratch.

    I also 'killed' the titan as frankly it's a joke having it spawn there. Exec decision on my part.

    Did someone create a clan? if so who? I would like to join as obviously can't build anywhere near existing places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penfold View Post
    Did someone create a clan? if so who? I would like to join as obviously can't build anywhere near existing places.
    It was meeee!!!

    And ofcourse I'll give you the necessary powers as soon as I see you online Pennie

    And busy we were indeed! Great start, and that load time and fps is just such a godsend after the long haul with p+

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    South 3 spawn. We have rafts to move over if no admin is online. We have some tips to level up faster in that area.
    If they are already in the clan they can fast travel from our little shack towards herbivore island.

    By the way, if you use a raft near herbivore, watch out for the Leedsichtys around (big *ss fish).

    The Leedsichthys is passive toward most things with the exception of rafts. They will stop at nothing to take down any raft in open water. Their sheer mass gives them the power to wreak havoc on even the best protected raft. When a raft is encountered the Leedsichthys will charge at full speed smashing the raft to bits by dealing direct damage to the raft itself even when the raft is fully encased in stone or even metal. Boaters beware the Leedsichthys are everywhere and aggressively out for your watercraft.

    • Fish Collection: The Leedsichthys cannot be tamed, but Survivors can harvest about ~50 Raw Prime Fish Meat or Raw Fish Meat from a Leedsichthys without killing it by going up to it and pressing the Use Key (E, , ). This can make it useful to capture for a consistent supply of Fish Meat. This ability has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuVeL View Post
    The Leedsichthys is passive toward most things with the exception of rafts.
    Dude.... I wish I read that earlier!

    I just had one of the rafts chomped nearly to destruction like literally 5% HP left, and I didnt even get a screenshot!!!
    WOW IT IS HUGE, the Fish... I didn't "use" it, but it still filled my inventory with Raw Prime Fish just from being a mouthful for it.

    So be careful out there dudes

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    I walked from my spawn point and saw the rafts. I couldn't use them as I wasn't in the clan so I admin'ed myself over and started thereon.

    I couldn't build near anyone on herbi due to not being in a clan so I'll grab you hopefully tonight Sithy.

    I saw Whitey had a house on the mainland, also seen Sithy, OB and DuV. Anyone else back on?

    I'll be on tonight from 7ish
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    Will also try get on tonight 👍

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    Will have to wait for me as am still working but might be on over the weekend.

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    Oh my days dudes, Pen said he saw one, I didn't believe him, so in return for the location I told him how to tame them, by showing him, feast your bleary eyes on SHADOWFAX

    I am so happy with this tame I could explode.

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    Congrats dude....Looks awesome 👍

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