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    The Genital Jousting is in full swing with a few rear entries... everything running as norm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gortex View Post
    The Genital Jousting is in full swing with a few rear entries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosphere View Post
    Yep I can swing by and grab you monkeh
    See you @ 1737?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suicidal_monkey View Post
    ... See you @ 1737?
    Did he make it? We're all waiting for the next chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldBloke View Post
    Did he make it? We're all waiting for the next chapter
    I have been kindly ferried to the hotel by the good doctor, filled with pizza and got a pint on the go ...also got Ghosty's monitor visible out the corner of my eye ...I may need more beer!

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    The finest cuisine March has to offer...


    A very brief go at Poker


    And back to playing ridiculous games


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    Have a great time lads, drink irresponsibly

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    Loving the photo blog mate keep it going

    "It's hard, but not as hard as Arma!!!" Tutonic
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    love the picture blog like brother said its not the same without you man hope that baby is worth missing this

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