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    Hi all. Please note the new rules regarding LAN Badges.

    LAN Attendee Badge (Green) - Come to a LAN, get a badge. Lasts 1 year (attending 1 LAN a year will keep the badge rolling over).

    LAN Helper Badge (Red) - Given to those seen to help out during the event, going above and beyond without being asked. Lasts 1 year before being removed.

    Helping Hand - Given to 1 individual that we feel went that extra mile to help us out. This badge does not expire.

    dMw LAN Competitor Badge - Given to those that WIN a LAN event, either solo or as part of a team. We do not currently have a badge for this honour but will look to create one. (Not to be confused with the existing dMw Competitor badge is for those players which have played in a 'professional' capacity representing dMw in external matches or ladders.

    PLEASE NOTE - I will be removing ALL dMw Competitor badges in the next few days to badge-up the recent LAN Champions.

    Please PM me with any badge-related problems.

    Thanks all.
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