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    Wileyfox Swift 2x

    Tragedy of tragedies but my wonderful Nexus 6P has died the death of a thousand boot loops. I'm trying to see if a custom Marshmallow ROM will solve the problem but the Internets is full of chatter about this being a significant problem. And a problem that Google and Huweiweweeeeee seem happy to blame each other for. So until something gets fixed I dropped back to my trusty Nexus 5 back-up phone.

    However it would seem the Nexus 5 wasn't quite as trusty as I though as that also went bang on Monday, a suspect battery I think as it won't start unless plugged into a power source and then only boots to the Google logo before turning off again for several minutes.

    So from being Smilo - "Two Phones" I was down to Smilo "No Phone". While at the LAN Lionheart let me have a look at his Elephone P9000. It's a seriously nice looking Budget/Mid range phone for less than £200. Unfortunately the lead time for orders is about three weeks and the Elephone Web Store does get some truly horrendous reviews. Needing a phone really fast I ended up going for the Wileyfox Swift 2x. Wileyfox are a UK phone maker started by a couple of ex Motorolla senior exce's.

    For £219.00 (- a £30 Amazon voucher I had) I managed to snag a phone with a 1980 x 1020 HD 5.2" screen, Octa-core 400 series CPU, 32 Gb onboard 3 Gb RAM, fingerprint reader, 16 meg decent phone, dual sim or upto 64gig SD card with Qualcomm USB 3 speedy charging.

    It's a seriously decent phone for £200 and while not in the same league as the Nexus 6P it's a perfectly decent phone for the money.

    Downsides are

    That it came with Cyanogenmod OS. However as soon as I turned it on the phone asked to update to Nougat 7.1.1 with the May 2017 Google Security updates. As soon as Wileyfox leaned of Cyanogenmod's demise they went to work and have now updated every Wileyfox customer with Nougat right back to their first phone. Decent service I think.

    The default dialer is Truecaller which can't be uninstalled but which I've replaced, they have their own Launcher which I've replaced and they have their own messenger app, which I've also replaced.

    As a deep Google user the Google apps included in Nougat are fine, although some old Cyanogenmod users are moaning about the Googlification of their phones.

    So for £200 I think the Swift 2x is very decent option now that top phones are selling for £600 - 700 or £40 -50 a month on two year contracts. Two hundred notes and a £15 a month SIM deal and I'm sorted. Lastly if you can stand a 720p 5" screen then you can get the Swift 2 Plus for about £180!

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    Interesting.. we are looking for a new phone for my better half soon, as her Nexus 5 (kindly donated by Faust) is reaching the end of its lifespan. Will look more into this / catch up with how you are getting on with it in a month or so
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    It's certainly a bit of a change coming from a 5.7" 2560 x 1440 display Nexus 6P but compared to the Nexus 5 it's looking like a nice little upgrade.

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    I've got a Swift 2 (base model) very impressed. Now they've gone over to android vanilla now its rock solid.
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    I have been looking at the X for a while, was waiting for the Android 7 update so now looks good. Again if you can survive the 720p Swift Plus then Amazon are doing the bundle for £149.99, Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus SIM-Free Smartphone 32GB + 3GB with Screen Replacement Card and Hard Case - Midnight Blue. - Gorliath#2300 | Steam - Gorliath | Origin - Gorliath | Warframe - Gorliath | PSN - Gorliath | Xbox Live - Gorliath

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