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    I wondered if at some point we should introduce flyers back into the game?

    The original idea worked well and certainly made the game more gritty and made the world a lot smaller. Most players are now past lvl70 and can pretty much wander the world in relative safety.

    Would bringing flyers back at this point open the game up more and give it more legs?
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    It would make travel quicker. As for moving around the map, can do that no issues now so no issues with bringing flyers in

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    I'm quite happy either's posed a nice challenge not having any fliers at start and been fun.

    But could sure use a bird's eye view to see how these gates are lining up #squint 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penfold View Post
    Most players are now past lvl70 and can pretty much wander the world in relative safety.
    This reason is why I'd say yeah re-introduce them, but no mods to correct the nerf, they should be as the Dev's have intended them to be

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    Flying would be good to have again,but I'd say we have a cap on how many fliers so no breeders make it worth while taming them.

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    I need a bigger base then but would be interested.

    Do remember that the nerf on the flyers was and still is pretty high. Have you tryed them Sith? The speed on some birds was really really annoyingly slow. I wonder if they tweaked it a bit though after all the comments.
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    I'll wait for other comments and then we'll make the call.

    I don't know about the nerf'ing but would suggest that if we're doing it we would start with the vanilla and take it from there.

    I'm not sure about 'capping' or having no breeders but am happy to go with a majority.
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    I am still playing ark, mostly overnight. I'm a low level, 30 or so. I don't mind too much what you guys do as you're all so far ahead, I'll stay grounded for a while yet as I am enjoying it that way.
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    I'm really enjoying it as it is but happy to go with the majority. There is a setting to stop flyers from carrying other dinos and I think this could be a good compromise as it means you still need to think about and have some risks on the tames rather than just lifting them into a pen.

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    Sounds good.

    Please see alternate thread for a poll with various options.
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