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    Quote Originally Posted by smilodon View Post
    .....'She who must be obeyed' had a look over my shoulder and has gone all peculiar

    hahaha oh dear!

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    See, you could have managed the lan easily

    Seriously though, congratulations to you all!!

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    Two months in dude - how's the sleep?

    Have you got to the Tim Minchin - Lullaby stage yet..... ?

    Bit of a slow start but watch it to the end. Hilarious, true but NSFW.....

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    That's funny, brutal, but very funny.
    Cheers, Bert

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    All the best to you both and lil Oscar dude too (is there a little ponytail tucked behind the batman hood ?) I'll stick an extra quid for him on the lottery this weekend (just text me your Bank account details and pin number to find out if he won !! )

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