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    If I buy him a Star Citizen starter pledge as a 0 day birthday present, it should just about be ready to play when he's old enough to learn how to fly!
    Cheers, Bert

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........
    Just imagine the smells, the screaming and the sleepless nights, let's hope Oscar can get use to them.

    Great news mate.

    Time to fit the car seat.


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    Brilliant news mate, congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherTobious View Post
    Hey guys just to say that I have the greatest joy in announcing that my son Oscar was born last night 7lb 15oz. Mother and baby doing well.
    Many grats to you and yours Toby. I always thought you deserved and Oscar for your behaviour! So the BBQ is Toby +2?

    Hope Mum is doing well and that you are looking forward to the nappy rash & cracked nipples! (yours, not theirs)
    Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. (Tom Wilson)
    Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. (Michael Jordan)

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    Great news mate! Hope all of the now bigger family is fine
    Maybe there's something to be said for being different. We are who we are. What more could we ask for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    Congratulations to all 3 of you! Especially the ones who did all the hard work, Mum and Oscar! (Nice name by the way, I was cringing that Greedo was perhaps going to emerge as a first name!)
    Personally I was rooting for Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar but hey ho.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    Congrats Tobes and family, lovely news!

    People who blow things out of proportion are worse than Hitler.

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    Well done and take good care of them...

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    Oh no not another one!!!
    What is the world coming to? (and it's not Ravel's Bolero)

    Seriously, all the best to her and him.
    I do exactly what the little voices tell me to.

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