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Thread: Crouch jumping

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    Crouch jumping

    So, dunno about you guys, but I find this really hard sometimes, I can never get the timing right, well, I found a thing over on Reddit which makes it a whole lot easier -


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    Is this some sort of macro setup? I couldn't understand what they're trying to explain. In fact I never even tried a crouch jump in PUBG, as in CS styleee?
    Cheers, Bert

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    it's basically just binding jump & crouch + sprint all to the same sets of keys in the 2nd key option - but to get it to work you've gotta do it in a bit of a roundabout fashion.

    Sooner or later once vaulting is in the game hopefully it'll be redundant, but I tried it out last night & it made a bit difference to what I could & couldn't get over.

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