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    Wink Dead Men Walking Twitch Community Streaming

    Dead Men Walking Twitch Community Streaming

    We are pleased to announce we have a community presence

    This community will have all our streams in and this will be the place to go to find them when they are streaming.

    We will be still streaming Offical nights on our official Twitch channel:

    But this community let more people stream and gives us and the rest of the world a bigger flavour of our community.


    It is important that you realise that should you join a game which is being streamed that both your actions in game and voice comms* will be recorded and available online.

    *Your voice comms will only be captured if you’re in the Twitch Channel part of TS, for example like the dedicated Twitch OW Channel under Overwatch or using in-game comms.

    Should you wish your voice comms not to be captured there are still the regular TS channels available.

    How does this affect me?

    For those that do not wish to be Streamed there are the channels on TS that unless they are labelled up or in the Twitch Channels (VC's recorded/streamed), you will not be recorded or streamed. It is important to us that every member feels comfortable and happy to play in the same way as before.

    Just make sure which channel you are in.

    If you have any questions please drop the Council or your GL a message.

    So reality it doesn’t affect you but you should just be aware that what you do and what you say are out there for the world to see.
    The most immediate and obvious thing is that we seriously ask you to remind yourself of the player standards at dMw and to remember your actions and comments reflect on you as an individual and us as a community.

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    Thank you Toby for sorting all of this out.

    I would like to reiterate that for Overwatch (and a few other games) we often use multiple TS channels during organised nights - mainly to split teams up so we can have 1 channel per team to talk strategy and so on.

    This makes it incredibly easy for the admin team to keep individuals OUT of the Twitch TS channel if they do not want to be streamed. So please do let myself or one of the Overwatch admins know if you would prefer NOT to be streamed, and we will keep you out of the Twitch channel during these nights. It is no fuss whatsoever from our point of view.

    We would always rather know if you do not want to be streamed so that we can do our best to accommodate this. I know no one in dMw wants to see members alienated by Twitch or other such platforms.
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    You've been a busy badger Toby! Top stuff dude

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    going to be streaming diablo 3 again
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