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Thread: Real Ale #3

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    Real Ale #3

    Just like last year we have some very kind people and businesses willing to sponsor some real ales or real ciders that will appear at the LAN for your enjoyment at a bargain £1.50 per pint. Some of these brews have been sampled by the now expert dMw GBBF drinking team, or have been sampled before and must make a come back.

    REAL ALE #3

    Goats Milk by Church End Brewery

    Sponsored by: MikeP, Gunda, Pesteh and Milli

    This beer is sponsored by some Overwatch obsessed dMw guys who have very kindly decided to sponsor a barrel of the finest UK made beer which we all hope to get some tastes of. If it is anything like the Blizzard game then we are in for a real treat, although may need to download the latest patch first or wait for the next character/class to come out.

    Goats Milk is an Golden Ale / IPA but is classed and brewed as a Bitter and has a ABV of 3.8%, so a good session beer. It won Gold place in the Bitter category and also overall Champion Beer of Great British Beer Festival 2017. I think all of us got to try it at the festival, and it is a very interesting type of beer because it crosses so many different styles of ale. We would definitely recommend it as this beer will create lots of discussions at the bar about what you think of it while scratching your head waiting for the next pint.

    -=[dMw]=- Gortex

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    Cheers guys! Awesome. GBBF without the hangover .... wait, errr.... more of the hangover?
    Cheers, Bert

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    Thank you kind sirs

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    Nice one Overwatchers!
    All our Gods have abandoned us.

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    Woot woot

    This one ran out within minutes at gbbf, very glad to have a second chance to get some. Well played chaps! Watching over us as always

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    Cheers all!
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