I'm planning to visit the British Grand Prix again next year and considering the Friday 6th July 2018 ticket (because Friday represents much better value imho) and either the Brooklands Restaurant or the Silverstone Six hospitality option. Is anyone interested in getting a dMw table together?

I did Brooklands Restaurant this year and it really was excellent. Great view of the cars down the Wellington Straight, then braking into Brooklands, round Luffield 1, into Luffield 2 and then out of sight as they go into Woodcote.

Silverstone Six looks a similar set up just based in a different part of the circuit, with views from the suites over the exit of Copse, entry into Maggots, Becketts, Chapel, as well as views of the Loop and Aintree if you go to the provided stand seating.

Both packages get VIP parking, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a complimentary bar throughout the day. The hospitality is a private suite which has tables of iirc 10 people (Brooklands Restaurant had 8 tables in a single row, so everyone was near the window, or could go out onto your balcony), with the breakfast available from 8.00am. Both also get a giant screen on which you can see other track action and Silverstone radios & earpieces so you listen to the commentary throughout the day. Photography opportunities are of course excellent.

Tickets would be about £198 for Brooklands Restaurant or £234 for Silverstone Six. (those are the Friday prices, on race day they have risen to £1,314 per ticket!)

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the hospitality option this year, and it made what is usually an immensely knackering day into something much more entertaining. Let me know if you are interested and we'll see what we can do.