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    Mrs Dunn

    Father O'Leary was getting ready for his trip to London when a knock came on the door. It was Mrs. Dunn.
    "Oh, farder, you have to help me."
    "Whatever's the matter Mrs. Dunn?"
    "Well it's our Neal. He went off to London a year ago, and we've nivver had a word from 'im since. It's makin' me sick wid worryin. Oi was wondrin' if you could look 'im up for me woil yer dere?"
    "Be glad to, Mrs. Dunn, be glad to. Where's he livin' d'ye know?"
    "Well we don't have an address for him farder, else addav written meself. All he said was, he was going to stay in London, WC2. Poor little Nealy - we call him Nealy - I'm sure somethin' tirrible 'as 'appened to the lad."
    "Don't you worry Mrs. Dunn, oil find 'im for you and dat's a promise."

    So Father O'Leary sets off for London. A long trip by train, ferry, and another train. When he arrives at Euston, he immediately sees a sign saying "WC".
    "Dat's a bit o' luck," he thinks, and follows the sign, ending up in the gents. He feels a bit confused, staring at the row of doors, but applies his best logic to the problem.
    "If dis forst one 'ere is WC1," he thinks to himself, "den dat wun next to it MUST be WC2."

    So he bangs on the door.
    A startled voice from inside shouts out, "what do you want?"
    "Are you Nealy Dunn?"
    "Yes, but there's no paper."
    "That's no excuse, you should wroit to yer mudder!"

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