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Thread: Destiny 2 Guild

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    Any chance of being invited?

    "It's hard, but not as hard as Arma!!!" Tutonic
    "This game is horribly broken" Oldbloke
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    Last post was Dec 2017!
    Cheers, Bert

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    Was thinking the same, just started playing after it was free so wondering if folks are still playing it?

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    Not many, Maybe BTob but not on Discord. I play occasionally, although I'm not very far into the game.
    Cheers, Bert

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    Request sent to join the clan, also this works as a bump for those who have also gotten the game now that it is free

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    Cheers, request sent

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    Accepted, welcome mate

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    Downloaded this at the LAN. Rolled a Blue warlock thing. I'll try to get an invite to the guild.
    I'll also move this forum out of the old games section.
    Sent from the darkest recesses of a fractured mind, using the power of blood magic.

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    Brilliant thanks smilo, if you need help joining the guild then please say, also if you need help with anything else then let us know bud and i will do my best to help. The start of the game will be a bit confusing

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