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    Escape from Tarkov

    Anyone seen this one:

    I must say, super impressed by the design quality and the team gaming it promises.
    Cheers, Bert

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    seen this pop up on my fb feed last night, got to say im impressed

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    Watched my first video on this about 6 mouths ago now, it looked quiet good back then and I have been getting emails from the them so I can see how they are getting on. The ideas of it look quiet interesting and yet again it's another beautiful game. Definetly keeping my eye on this one.

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    I hear they will have a 30% discount sale from the 28th Decdmber.

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    Cheers, Bert

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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    I hear they will have a 30% discount sale from the 28th Decdmber.

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    Hmm if this is true I might have to pick it up and give it ago.

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    This looks interesting. Also time consuming. - Gorliath#2300 | Steam - Gorliath | Origin - Gorliath | Warframe - Gorliath | PSN - Gorliath | Xbox Live - Gorliath

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    I bought it today. My brother also has it (Etc Etc forum name) and maybe he can comment further as he's been playing. What I know is it runs smooth on a laptop witj a 970m gfx card. Has good looting and permenent reward aquisition. But you lose something in a mission and it's gone forever. I think if we could get a squad of players into this we'd benefit because our teamwork approach.

    I'm seeing this as a more realiatic Warframe environment.

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    Cheers, Bert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorliath View Post
    This looks interesting. Also time consuming.
    It's certainly not time consuming. You die quite quickly if you aren't aware of your environment.

    The most time consuming thing is deciding how to mod your gear.

    Here is what the mod screen looks like for an AK-74N


    and check this out:

    Amazing detail. Real quality.

    From personal experience now I tried it, the game runs on my 3 year old laptop very well. It's gripping fun and when I actually escaped with nice loot it's joyful. I did get sniped a few days ago nearing the extraction point with an SKS and a nice AK on my back, my own fault for not covering all angles.
    Cheers, Bert

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    Time consuming only if you're good then? Well we all should have no problems there

    Had a look through their site and some videos, starting with your one there albert. Looks like an interesting game. Have any dMw-ers got together for some co-op runs yet?
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