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    Ready Player One

    Being a gamer child of the 80's myself, I loved this book, identifying with James Halliday's fixation with 80s nostalgia and references. And having grown up in the arcades playing games such as Zaxxon, Asteroids, Joust, PacMan, not to mention the ubiquitous Space Invaders, as well as playing 8-bit home computer games on my Commodore 64 such as Zork, Adventure, Attack of the Mutant Camels and Maic Miner, the game references were sheer joy to find.

    I've been waiting for years for a movie to be made of this fantastic book, and Spielberg's imagining of it should finally be here at the end of March.

    Here's the official trailer - it's literally packed to the rafters with Easter Eggs! - happy watching...

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    I'm super excited about this one, more so than Star Wars TLJ, which I still haven't seen

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    New teaser trailer has Tracer in it as well. - Gorliath#2300 | Steam - Gorliath | Origin - Gorliath | Warframe - Gorliath | PSN - Gorliath | Xbox Live - Gorliath

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    She's in the one posted here too, Gorliath. Just watched it now, made me chuckle!

    When is this due out chaps?
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    Well thats one way to ruin the movie already.

    "It's hard, but not as hard as Arma!!!" Tutonic
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    looks good, I've been wanting to see this since the first trailer.

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    March 29th says IMDB, not sure if that is internationally or not. - Gorliath#2300 | Steam - Gorliath | Origin - Gorliath | Warframe - Gorliath | PSN - Gorliath | Xbox Live - Gorliath

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    Goddamm this revolving door. I come knowing I can geek out here without judgment. My oh my....what a movie. Deep down in my soul, where happiness used to be before middle age, kids and work got involved, this movie has put a tiny little ray of hope.

    Loved it, too many eggs to mention, the back in time music, the characters, the oh my moments. Very happy.
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    hopefully seeing this in IMAX on Wednesday and then have the audio book ready to go when my podcasts run out

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    I liked the movie. Loved the eggs, so much time spent afterwards discussing them with others who had seen the movie. Recommended!
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