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    5th element diva

    the Mrs was listening to something on the leptop and i said, that sounds like the 5th element blue diva song...she said "yes, but this isn't synthesized"

    all i can say is WOW (about 3 mins onwards)
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    Loved that whole scene.

    Apparently the actress that played Diva Plavalaguna (Maïwenn Besco) and the Directors (Luc Besson) Girlfriend at the time, was sad that her scene was inter-cut with a fight scene.
    This is a rare cut of the entire song

    The singer who actually sung the piece was Inva Mula. When she saw the piece written down she commented that it wasn't possible for a human voice to sing the notes as written. However she was able to sing naturally far more of the song than the composer (Eric Sella) imaged possible. So had her sing some of the notes individually, mapped them to a keyboard and recorded them faster than was humanly possible to sing when trying to jump from very high to very low notes (the human voice box needs time to stretch and contract apparently)

    This is the actual singer having a go live.... no special audio effects. I think she nails it pretty well also.

    Creepy alert. Seems that Luc Besson was 32 years old when he met Maïwenn Besco in 1991. She was born in 1976 making her 15 when they met. By 16 she had given birth to their daughter Shanna Besson. Is it just me or ........
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