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    New Admin

    Hi everyone,

    Due to the increase in popularity and player base within the community for PUBG i thought we ought to have an additional member on the admin team.

    Gorliath has kindly agreed to take up an admin role for PUBG, congrats mate and thank you for stepping up.

    Keep them Chicken Dinners coming guys and gals and if there is anything you need you can pm me or any one of the admins, that's what we are here for

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    Congrats, well played sir
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    We are doomed!
    Congratz G, here are the keys, it's better to get you in the drivers seat...
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    That man with the deep deep voice congrats

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    Welcome to the dream team Gor.

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    Good choice! nicely done Gor good luck,!!

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    Congrats Gorliath.

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    Congrats bud

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    Gratz Gorliath. good choice!

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