Thought I'd make one of these for new and seasoned members alike, feel free to add to post and i'll edit 1st post.

1: Teamwork...Seems obvious no? - communicating with your team will greatly improve your chances of getting a chicken dinner be it asking for ammo/items or calling out where enemies.

2: Stick together - Going 'Rambo' will hurt and hinder your team unless your very good at the game often you'll get out numbered and die.

3: Use your map - prior to leaving the plane pick where you want to go. - continually use the map to plan where you'll go throughout the game.

4: Pressing 'X' holsters your weapon - useful when running as you'll run faster but does make you vulnerable to firefights.

5: You can re-fuel vehicle's by pressing 'use' fuel when inside.

6: 'B' will toggle between single fire/burst/auto.

7: all guns pick up will be set to single fire.

8: Populated towns are dangerous - these draw players too them who are after a firefight and early game kills.

9: Hide your path - when entering buildings use the door - smashed windows draw attention - close doors = hiding your path.

10: Watch out for fall damage especially on cliffs when going down them!

11: Taking fire? don't know where it's coming from? run away in a zig-zag instead of going prone and get in cover.

12: burnt out cars - vehicles, environment all make for good cover.

13: Fighting a group?, Once you've downed one shoot the next one alive - don't worry about the downed one clear the other enemies first.

14: Vehicles draw alot of attention due to their noise - approaching some buildings you know are clear? ease off the accelerator to eliminate the noise.

15: Vehicles can roll away down hills/cliffs be careful - parking it properly should eliminate this.

16: A level 1 helmet is almost useless when a sniper hits you, you'll be downed as it offers little/to no protection. - that said it's better to have at least a level 1 helmet opposed to no helmet at all.

17: After a firefight check your armour press 'i' and see how much health your armour has.

18: Cross bridges at your own peril - players camp these out for easy kills and 1 bridge in particular players use a 'glitch' to park-our up it making it very hard/almost impossible for others to see them.

19: when you pick up a weapon remember to reload it straight away especially when first landed in case you get into an early firefight.

20: If you jump off a cliff into water you no longer take fall damage - same with a car.

21: press c to duck underwater = hidden from enemies.

22: Press shift to hold your breath when sniping.

23: Auto sprint by pressing =

24: Hold shift when driving to 'boost' making you go faster.

25: Apply the handbrake by pressing space - at speed this'll make you skid/drift.

26: when in a group get into a car on the same side that way you'll both exit at the same side rather than being split.

27: Toggle 1st/3rd person by pressing 'V'.

28: Bullet drop exists compensate for this over longer distances - this can also be achieved by increasing the zeroing distance - most commonly on sniper rifles by pressing page up/down.

29: Press 'G' to go straight to your Grenades.

30: Heal hotkeys are mapped to 7,8,9 or 0 for boosts.

31: Under arm throwing for Grenades can be achieved by holding LMB then pressing RMB to throw.

32: Disable HUD by pressing Ctrl + U (although I wouldn't recommend doing this as you can call out bearings when working as a team to tell your mates where the enemy is!).

33: Lean left or right by pressing either Q or R to gain advantage when peeking round corners.

34: Play smart and get the win - when down to the last 10 enemies -
  1. let them firefight between then.
  2. play patiently.
  3. Get into the circle late - without taking damage from the closing zone.
  4. use the environment to your advantage lots of cliffs have very good hide spots where the cliff goes inwards making it difficult for enemies to see you.

35: Blind Grenade really small zones during end game to draw out enemies maybe even killing them and getting a chicken dinner!.

36: if you have to cross an open area to get to the zone you are making yourself an easy target. Use boots to speed up your sprint and zig-zag under fire to make it harder to hit you.

37: Free look using Alt to look to an almost 360 - players running late into the circle could be running either side of you!.

38: Bait kills - Thanks to Rambo for this - if you know enemies are near bait them to you, a well placed first aid kit on the floor could bait them to that area where your waiting in a corner to kill them.

39: Get yourself some decent headphones surround sound headphones greatly increase you being able to tell where the enemy is.

40: Don't engage unless you have to - if you can be assured of the kills then go for it - being the lone hero helps no one.