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    Anti virus - Recommendation

    Hi all,

    I currently use AVG free and with it's older versions you could set it up to turn off once you play a game - it doesn't do this anymore and you have to do it manually (bit annoying) is there an anti virus software that does this automatically or one that people would recommend I get.

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    Avast has a game mode you can enable and it's free.
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    I use Webroot which has a gaming version. I will PM you a code.

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    I believe many of us are now electing to use the standard windows defender and something like malware bytes to periodically scan for any missed threats. I'm not sure standalone antivirus is worth it anymore, it has received a lot of negative press recently for essentially being irrelevant and resource consuming.
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    Thanks for the recommendations if I can have a code for free that'll be awesome.

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    What Chaos said. It's a personal choice but I also believe commercial anti-virus to be a waste of time, especially free stuff

    A combination of
    Windows 10 fully patched
    Windows Defender (getting solid scores in various zero day security tests)
    Chrome with all the security features turned on
    Firefox with all the security features turned on
    uBlock Origin browser plugin
    A decent VPN when required
    All software updated regularly
    No extraneous installed programs I don't actually use
    A big dollop of common sense
    Malwarebytes (I have the paid version but free is good enough)

    I'm highly sceptical that a 3rd party AV offers much more actual security. There's nothing wrong with a free AV over Windows own version. But Windows Defender never causes problems when I'm gaming, never pops up begging messages asking me to buy the paid version, uses almost no additional resources, isn't the security dud it once was and updates seamlessly as part of the general Windows Update process.

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