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    As we get more invlolved in holding clan matches/dmw vs dmw matches for rainbow six seige we thought it would be great to post some guidelines for behaviour expected when playing.

    > No swearing - this is due to the dmw standards as well as more and more of us are sharing our game-play via social media and as such we are representing dmw on these platforms.

    > Communications - it is expected that those playing take part in communications to promote teamwork - during ranked gameplay/clan matches and dmw vs dmw it would be beneficial for those participating to keep the chatter "professional" this doesn't mean we can't have a laugh and make jokes but when rounds are in play chatter should be kept to game infomation only.

    > No intentional teamkilling no matter how tempting this is, it's not a good representation of dmw.

    > Punctuality – We expect participants to show up at the times stated in the posts that have been put up about the games. This is to allow for issues that people may have, therefore giving us time to resolve them. We also expect attendees to commit to the full game and if this is not possible, please let us know in advance so that we can find a replacement for the spot.

    Good luck and have fun,

    R6S Admin Team

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    Never hurts to cover these things, perhaps especially when we are interacting with other communities and those involved are representing dMw.

    And for further reading, all should have had a read through our general gaming standards, and this extension at some point. It only takes a few minutes and highlights the 'why' of some of the community standards.

    Edit - it is also worth dropping the twitch guidelines - and standards - here which should be followed for any streaming or content recording. Remember that not everyone wants to be streamed / recorded, and it is up to the streamer to ensure they are doing so in the correct discord room (with streaming clearly noted in the name) and that members are aware when their audio is being recorded.
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    Good point Chaos. All of the below points are expected to be met when being carried out in R6S. Any issues, PM one of us.
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