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    Ground Branch - Any Interest?

    Hello chaps,

    just testing the water with this one...Ground Branch, anyone interested?

    Maybe you haven't heard of it? Be nice to know either way though.



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    Looks quite good to be fair, reminds me of how the older rainbow six games played. Cheap as chips at 15.49£ but is it any good?

    I understand it's pre alpha but the graphics seem a bit naff when you put it up aganist a game like rainbow six siege, do you own it ranger? what do you think of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .DickDastardly. View Post
    ... do you own it ranger? what do you think of it?
    Hi there DD, yeah I'm a Kick-starter backer, it is indeed a 'work in progress' but the pre-release version is useable and I've been playing about with it.

    I'm an old Ghost Recon fan so I really like it, but it's not for everyone - particularly if you like adrenalin fuelled run and gun games. It's a lot more tactical and methodical (so slow)....

    Here's a video of me attempting my first solo offline (bot) training mission...

    Of course, the main event is multiplayer and I'll post a video of that as soon as I have completed one of those.


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    Still reading good stuff about this one.

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