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Thread: EDRPG Give Away

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    EDRPG Give Away

    Not sanctioned by dMw.

    So I kickstarted EDRPG which is a role playing game in a book based on Elite Dangerous. It's a stunning article, hardback with a set of Chessex Dice.

    Then like 1 year plus later their ordering system got screwed and they sent me a second batch of my kickstarter. So I did the noble thing and let them know about it, together we agreed that the cost of return of the book (from NL) and dice was going to cost too much and they said feel free to give this to an Elite Dangerous loving friend. I can also throw in the PDF documents to the game expansion as a backer.

    Do we have anyone left in dMw worthy of such a prize? Are any of you tabletop gamers, old school RPGers?

    Reply to this topic with a short explanation why you would like this lovely book and dice set and I will bring it along to the LAN.

    Not going to the LAN, well tough! But seriously if you really really want this and are too tight to buy it yourself (read that as have other financial commitments more aligned to sustaining life! (beer is acceptable)) then also let me know why you should have this and we can work something out!!

    Cheers, Bert

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    Nice one mate. Although this looks fairly cool, I was a casual Elite player at best. Hope it finds a deserving home with a real fan!
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    we could always play it at the lan

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    Too involved Sulks.
    Cheers, Bert

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    EDRPG Give Away

    Nobody interested, put off by having write something? Lol just PM me if you want it and can take it off my hands somehow.
    Cheers, Bert

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    If no takers have revealed themselves before the LAN I'm sure it will find a home in Norway. The Røstad household (Mirianna/Lillepus) hosts the odd tabletop RPG session.

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