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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    So this goes live on Tuesday and I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up to try it out? I think perhaps if we aim to get to Zeta Triangulai Australis in the "Albert" private group to start with it might make it easier to meet up. I will then setup invites to the Guild and Squadrons and see how this pans out. I will likely be online tomorrow but my experience of the launch, whist generally smooth normally takes 24 hours to settle.
    I'd be up for that.

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    I can be online tomorrow as well!
    I can probably get a cobra and t7 there to fly, maybe something smaller and lighter as well. I'll look into moving my ships tonight, no idea what time though. Probably late knowing me.

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    I’ll be online tomorrow for it

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    Silly question... Are we going to get squadron invites or do we need to manually apply? If so, how?

    Also we're looking at servers up around 6pm if all goes well and Reddit is correct.
    I got my ships moved so see you later tomorrow .... I mean tonight. Lol

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    I played the Beta for an hour and at that point nobody else was on to test the we're winging it mate. I might be out tonight depending on work. I also had no luck getting my CH Control software to recognise my HOTAS after a win10 reinstall. So if I'm on it'll be to just admin the guild and test.

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    Cheers, Bert

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