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    Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

    X-Aviation has released a TBM 900 for X-plane
    developed by Hotstart and LES
    It is expensive, but most likely the best GA turboprop on any sim platform currently available.
    Some say the best plane period.

    I say it is worth the money. It is a study level plane. No autostart, no reset to Cold&Dark.

    Have a look!

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    I was looking for a plane to go with orbx uk....this could be it. Very nice

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    That does indeed look rather nice. I'm still a sucker for tubeliners, but for little pipettes that's not a bad one!
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    I found this combination video, but it is in russian

    Anyway, search for Hotstart TBM 900 and you will find a lot if you want to see the plane in action before committing.

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