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    Anyone on PC still play?

    Hey all.

    I only recently got Destiny 2 (while they were giving the game out free) but I got into it pretty fast, got hold of Forsaken, and now I'm at L50/LL521 or so and I have realised that the "end-game" content kinda needs friends/clan/team work.

    Do any of you have the game and still play? Fancy joining up for some strikes or maybe even one of the raids sometime? You can find me on Discord or on here. Let me know!


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    Some of friends play it so I have jumped on but I only put about 3 hours in so far.

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    I picked it up while it was/is free too, although I haven't brought any of the expansions as of yet so I'm stuck messing around at lvl 20.

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    Well I'm just dossing about at LL525 so if anyone fancies a mate then drop me a line on Discord!

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    looks like the new dlc isn't too far away -

    I might well buy it if there is a decent deal on.

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    I'm on as Gh0sty if anyone fancies playing.

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    If anyone else is still playing, myself & a few buddies are quite active & getting to the point of wanting to do raids & stuff & could do with a few more bodies, so hit me up if you fancy it.

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    I sometimes pick this up from time to time.
    Can you raid at any level or is this strictly endgame stuff?
    Do you have to finish the main story arc?

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    Most of the stuff has recommended levels on from what I've seen - if you're below the power level you won't do much if any damage & just get killed a lot, The crucible (pvp) has no level advantages, so you can play there whatever you're at.

    You don't need to play through the story, but I'd say apart from just grinding away on pvp it's probably the easiest way to level up

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    I seem to have gotten my Titan to lvl 9 now. Is there a dMw clan to join?

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